MP VYAPAM ONLINE OMR APPLICATION PROCEDURE  :Madhya Pradesh Professional Exam Borad (VYAPAM) has provided the FAQ about applications to be made (Online & Others) for recruitment and other exams conducted by MP VYAPAM. We are reproducing the same here. Candidates are advised to always refer to website : for latest information in this regard :

Q1. How can I obtain application form?
Board invites application form through two different modes i.e. either OMR Application form or Online Application Form. The mode of application form is mentioned in the advertisement of a particular examination.
In case of OMR application The application form can be obtained in the following ways : 
a) From MPPEB counter.
b) From the designated sale centres.
c) Through post MPPEB office.            
In case of Online application the candidate will have to visit the website of MPONLINE  
Q2. What is the procedure for filling an OMR Application Form ?
In case of OMR Application form, candidates are advised to first get a photocopy of the blank OMR Application form and practice filling it up before filling the original application form.
The procedure for filling an OMR Application form is as follows :
(i) Please read the rules and instructions given in the rule book carefully. Get a photocopy of the blank OMR Application form and practice filling it up before filling  up      the actual OMR Application form. The original OMR Application Form is to be filled using black ball point pen only.
(ii) Please paste firmly 2 recent colour photographs of good quality, 3.5cm x 4.5cm coloured photograph with white background at the specified places in the OMR   Application Form. Do not pin or staple the photographs lest it may fall during handling of the form. Do not get it attested. Do not sign on the photograph. Write your  name and Application Form number on the back of the photograph before pasting. Retain five copies of photograph duly attested by Principal of your institution or any  gazetted officer. Photograph affixed in the application form should be used during counselling and admission process.
(iii)   Carefully put your thumb impression at the specified place in the OMR Application form.
(iv) Write 25-30 words in your own handwriting in the space provided, on your objectives for appearing for this examination as instructed therein.
(v) Make all entries in the boxes and darken the corresponding bubbles in the OMR Application form with black ball point pen only. All entries must be made in English Capital letters by writing one alphabet in each box leaving one box blank between two words.
(vi) Note that if the entries made in boxes and their corresponding bubbles differ, the entries made in  bubbles will be treated as final. 
Note : The instructions for the Photograph & Signature are as follows :
Photograph should be coloured, size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm of good quality with white background
Polaroid photographs will not be accepted.
The photograph should not be older than two months from the date of examination and should bear the date of photograph taken and full name of the candidate.
Photographs with black goggles are not allowed.
Photograph must be taken along with the reading spectrum if need regularly.
Candidates are advised to retain atleast 5 copies of the photographs as the photograph affixed in the application form will be required to produce during counselling and admission.
Application form should be signed properly at the appropiate place(s). Short signatures will not be accepted.
Q14. What are the documents required to be submitted along with the OMR  application form?
No documents are to be enclosed along with the application form. Photographs are to be affixed as required. 
The information given in the application form shall be verified at the time of counselling/admission from the original documents by the Department/Institution concerned. Therefore the applicants should not give any incorrect/false information. If it is found later that a successful applicant has provided incorrect or false information or has withheld some relevant information at the time of filling of OMR application form, he/she  shall be barred to get admission without any notice at any time during the course of his/her studies by the Head of the Institution/Admitting Authority/Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board as the case may be.
Q15.  On what grounds can an application form be rejected?
Application form and other documents received after the last date of submission.
Application form submitted without Photograph/Signature.
 IMPORTANT : Applicants must ensure that the OMR/Online application form has been correctly and clearly filled and no column has been left blank or incomplete They would do so at their own risk.
Q16. What all material is supplied along with the application form? 
Material supplied along with the OMR Application Form:
Rule Book 
OMR Application Form 
Inner envelope (I) to keep duly filled OMR application form.
Outer Envelope (O) to keep all the above documents.
Q17.  How should the OMR application form be filled?
 Procedure for filling OMR application form.
 STEP 1  : Read all the instructions and rules given in the  rule book carefully.

STEP 2  : Fill up the boxes of OMR application form with black dot pen ensure that all entries are correct. Then fill the corresponding bubbles with  black ball point pen. For  
               filling OMR application form, refer to the filled up facsimile given in the rule book for reference.

 STEP 3 : Retain photo copies of OMR application form and the documents  
               enclosed with the application form.
 STEP 4 : Prepare envelope to be sent to MPPEB as per instructions  given in the rule book.

STEP 5 : The envelope has to be sent to MPPEB either by registered post or delivered personally at MPPEB counter, Bhopal.
Q18. Is withdrawal of application form possible?
Application form once submitted to the MPPEB office cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances. 
Q19. Can I apply for revaluation or retotalling?
 No. There is no system of revaluation or re-totalling because all tests are objective type and valuation work is totally computerized. There is no chance of human error. No correspondence is entertained in this regard.
Q20. Can I request for change in entry after the declaration of result?

No, any kind of correction in information submitted in the Application form for any reason is not allowed / accepted after the examination results have been declared.
Q21. Why are questions cancelled and how are marks awarded in case on cancelled questions ?

 After the completion of examination, MPPEB gets the question paper examined by “subject experts” and gets the key prepared. If any question is found to be defective, it is cancelled. Questions are likely to be cancelled due to ;
(i)                Wrong structuring;
(ii)               More than one option being correct;
(iii)              None of the options being correct;
(iv)              In questions where Hindi and English version differ, this may lead to different meaning resulting in a situation where correct answer is not possible;
(v)               Any printing error leading to a situation where more than one answer may be correct or none of the answers may be correct.

 In lieu of the cancelled questions, every candidate is awarded in proportion to the marks obtained by him, irrespective of the fact whether the candidate has attempted such cancelled questions or not.
For example, if 2 questions are cancelled in a particular paper and after evaluation it is found that the candidate has secured 80 marks out of 48 questions, his marks out of 50 questions are computed as under:
80 X 50/(50-2) = 83.33 rounded off to 83.00
Q22. What is UNFAIR MEANS (UFM) ?
 Any of the following shall comprise unfair means adopted by the candidates in the examination   hall/room during the examination.
(a)    Canvassing in any form.
(b)    Attempt to impersonate or engaging any other person to impersonate.
(c)    Possession of any of the prohibited article.
(d)    Shouting/ talking/ whispering/ communicating through gesture.
(e)    Copying from the answer sheet or question booklet of other candidate in the examination hall/room or by any other means.
(f)     Exchanging answer sheet or question booklet with other candidates.
(g)    Refusing to hand over or destroying to prohibited article.
(h)    Refusing to sign on relevant documents.
(i)      Defiance, disobedience, misbehaving and non compliance of instructions given by the competent authority.
(j)     Refusing to return or not returning the answer sheet / relevant documents as per instructions of the competent authority.
(k)     Harassing, threatening or causing physical injury to the staff engaged in  conducting the examination.
 Any of the following shall comprise interference in conducting the examination by the candidate or by any other person or group of persons :-
(a)    Shouting in the premises of examination centre.
(b)    Disrupting the smooth conduct of examination process within and around the premises of the examination centre.
 For any of the aforesaid activity a legal case will be registered under unfair means and shall be legally dealt with accordingly. The answer sheet of the candidate booked under UFM shall not be valued and his/her candidature shall be cancelled. Additionally, any case of use of unfair means on the part of the candidate may be handed over to the police. Criminal proceedings shall be initiated against such candidates. 

NOTE : if any unauthorised person appears in the examination in place of an eligible candidate , such act will be considered as IMPERSONATION. Please note that impersonation is a crime under law. For such crime he/she shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may be extend to three years, or with fine, or both . In such case candidature of authorised will automatically get cancelled and the person who appeared in the examination will also be punished.
Q23. What is the type /nature of Test ?
 The entrance test shall be of objective type questions only, where for each question four plausible answers/responses will be provided, out of which only one will be correct. The candidate is required to select correct answer and mark the corresponding option (A or B or C or D) on the OMR answer sheet, using Black ball point pen.
Q24. What is the marking system and Time allotted for Question Paper ?
 Generally question paper contains 100, 150, 200 questions. It varies from examination to examination. Total duration of the test will be 2 hours for 100 questions and 3 hours for 150 or 200 questions. Further additional 15 minutes are given, out of which  ten minutes are given for filling up the required entries on the OMR Answer Sheet and five minutes after the distribution of Question Booklet for examining the Question Booklet. for inspecting any printing for other errors etc.
Q25. What is the system of valuation?
 (i) In objective type question, one mark will be awarded for each correct answer. No mark (zero mark) will be awarded for an incorrect response or multiple marking or for an unanswered question. There shall be no negative marking.
 (ii) Marking will be done through electronic means. There is no provision of re-totalling or revaluation.
Q26. Where can the results be viewed ?
 Board will prepare the Merit/Waiting list as per the admission rules provided by the concerned department. The results shall be displayed on the notice
board of MPPEB. Result will also be available on the website
Q27. Where can I have my mark sheet ?
 The result are published on the official website of the Board.  A candidate is required to download it from the website of the Board using his / her Roll Number.  
Q28. How can I get  Duplicate mark sheet ?
There is no provision for issue of duplicate mark sheet.  However a candidate can obtain any number of copies as mentioned above.
Q29. What are the grounds on which admission can be cancelled?
If it is found that a candidate has succeeded in obtaining admission on the basis of false/incorrect information or withholding relevant facts, during counselling or at any time after admission, the admission so granted to the candidate shall be cancelled without any notice, at any time even during the course of his/her studies, by the Head of the Institute/Admitting Authority concerned.
Q30. What is the Role of M.P. Professional Examination Board in any examination conducted by them?
The responsibility of M.P. Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) is confined to the extent of conducting the Entrance Test and declaring the Merit/Waiting list, the  M.P. Professional Examination Board shall be the final authority for deciding all policies regarding conduct of the Test. If any question relating to the interpretation of "Rules & Instructions" for the conduct of examination arises, it shall be referred to the Board, whose decision shall be final and binding. The Board reserves the right to amend any rule / procedure for the conduct of the Entrance Test and any modification so made shall be binding.