MNREGA is anti job and employment

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) was passed by the UPA led Congress government with a much pump and show. It was projected as pro poor and pro job and employment generation. It was claimed that it will change the face of rural India. However, in shorter span of time it has proved as anti job and employment generation and anti development also.
Let us have look at broader picture. Every of the industry is running short of labour. Labour is running back to their native states because they are getting employment over there. Let us assume that employment is generated. But, the real question is – what is being produced, who is benefitted, how it serves the nation, whether long term assets are being created, how the earnings are being utilized. There is no worth answer for any of the question. The sudden fall in labour supply is hurting every industry, cost escalation due to enhanced labour rates is pinching every industry and individual. Nation is not benefitted in anyway. It was only a scheme to garner more votes. This may also not prove to be true. In best interest of the nation, it should be discontinued with immediate effect.