How to avoid Examination Fear, Anxiety, Uneasiness

How to avoid Examination Fear, Anxiety, Uneasiness
Last minute examination nervousness is very common in students. It’s like a racer about to touch the last rope before winning the race. The degree of nervousness depends from person to person but every student has to deal with this in any way. It may also be before performing on stage, before delivering a speech or any other event of the nature.  If the degree is above certain level, it may result in blanking out in exam. Following are the symptoms of Examination Fear, Anxiety, and Uneasiness.

Ø Physical discomfort during Exam.
Ø Tension in Muscles.
Ø Headache
Ø Difficult Breathing
Ø Having mental blocks about certain topics you have read or not.
Ø You find it hard to get to start your studies.
Ø Easily get distracted.
Practice following tips to avoid or reduce this last minute fear, anxiety or uneasiness:
·       Ease your emotions by easy and gentle breath for 5-10 seconds.
·       Keep your life style schedules healthy by regular exercise.
·       Take proper sleep before the exam night.
·       Arrive at exam centre in time. Don’t be late or come too early.
·       Don’t stay with friends who cause exam anxiety.
·       Solve easiest questions first.
Following Yoga exercises can also help in coming over the exam anxiety:
1.        BALASAN : Sit down on your knees on the floor. Keep your toes  together and the knees open. Put your butt on heals and keep the spine straight. Close your eyes and breath lightly. This is meditation pose. Slowly extend your hand forward, start slow exhalation, and in an easy and slow motion bend forward, put palms on the floor and extend forward until your forehead is also on the floor and your belly is touching your thighs.  Feel all the tension drain out of your body and feel your body kind of draping itself on the floor in a lose heap. Stay as long as you want and enjoy the sensation. Slowly raise back to the initial sitting on your knees pose. It is also nice just to stay in this sitting pose for a while, eyes closed, and hands on your lap, breathing naturally and just enjoying the moment. This pose is ideal for general relaxation, rest, and release of muscle tension. It allows diverting our thoughts from busyness and endless cycle of anxieties and “necessary” activities and as the result brings deep and easy integration between mind and body. The relaxed feeling is so pleasant that it’s very difficult to keep worrying. Muscle relaxation and tension release has physiological effect on calming the mind as well.
2.         KAKI MUDRA :Adopt a sitting meditative posture. Make a narrow canal with the help of lips, in the shape of the beak of a crow.  Concentrate on the tip of nose.  Inhale slowly and deeply through mouth and then close the lips.  Then exhale through the nose.  Repeat the process several times.
3.        ANULOM VILOM: Hold right nasal with your thumb and start breathing with the left nostril. Just do the same procedure with your left nostril i.e. close your left nostril with your middle finger and breathe from the right nasal. Just keep following the process for complete 10 minutes or more. Doing this pranayam will help in stress management.
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